Sal Lizard Productions



The Vampire Santa Chronicles

Chapter I: The Beginning

By Sal Lizard

logline:"A toymaker with a heart of gold is put through hell when he loses his family, and the town he calls home gets invaded by the worst creatures of the night. Vampires."

Synopsis: Nicholas, a humble woodcarver in a small Germanic European village. Although he is not a rich man, or of nobile blood, he is blessed with the love of his life and his two children, until they disappear, one night. In his greif, Nicholas, eventually accepts the loss of his children and becomes a pious man as he continues to look for his wife. He makes toys that he barters with the villagers and tries to help the poor when he can. Eventually the vampires turn him and he discovers what has been hapening to the chiren and younger villagers. Now he has too decide whether he has become a monster that feeds on the blood of innocents to survive as a Vampire or become something else.